Executive Menu

* Granjas redondo |  Rougié Sarlat | Chicken is certified Galician | We use olive oil 0,0 | Fish that arrive fresh and freeze at -60 degrees for safety | Prawn is 1st quality | Meat is from Rubiato Paredes and Grupo Norteños | All our desserts are homemade.

Service 1€ pc
Price: 25,00€ per person
Included in the price a drink water1/2 liter-beer Mahou barrel-soft drink-glass of white or red wine of the house Menu only at noon from Tuesday to Friday (except holidays) VAT included
Som Tam
Green papaya, peanut and prawn tail salad, with lime juice, seasoned
Kanom Gib Khun 3ud
Prawn dumpling accompanied by slightly spicy fish sauce flavored with kafir lime
Salapao sai oua 2ud
Wheat flour bread steamed, stuffed with sausage with paprika accompanied by green curry sauce and aromatic herbs.
Kai Satee 3ud
Fine grilled chicken brochetes marinated in coconut milk and herbs with peanut sauce
Poh Pia 3ud
Traditional Thaï spring rolls
Kanom Gib Massaman 3ud
Dumplings stuffed with beef stew accompanied by soft red curry sauce, with hints of cinnamon and anise.
Pat Thai Sai Khun
Traditional sautéed noodle dish with prawn or chicken or veggie, onions, soya, vegetables and peanuts.
Kaeng Khung
Green curry prawns with bamboo
Kaeng Khei Wham Praw
Battered hake taquitos with special green curry sauce with citrus touches.
Massaman Thai
Mild and creamy red curry beef with potatoes and cashew nuts
Kai Phat Met Ma Muang
Stir-fried thin strips of chicken with soy sauce, vegetables, pineapple and cashews
Nua Pad Kra Prouw
Beef tenderloin, sautéed with basil, vegetables and red chillies. A classic for lovers of spicy and aromatic cuisine.
Muu pad kra praw
Sliced pork with basil, vegetables and red chillies. Served with fried egg.
Ice cream, chocolate brownie or coconut flan.