Tasting menu

* Granjas redondo |  Rougié Sarlat | Chicken is certified Galician | We use olive oil 0,0 | Fish that arrive fresh and freeze at -60 degrees for safety | Prawn is 1st quality | Meat is from Rubiato Paredes and Grupo Norteños | All our desserts are homemade.

Service 1€ pc
The price is 38€ per person
(2 person minimum) VAT included, Drinks NOT included
Classics and suggestions are mixed in this selection of this Thaï dishes is pleased to present, thinking of those who begin their journey through the Thaï cuisine or just want to discover her new proposal
Kai Satee
Fine grilled chicken brochettes marinated in coconut milk and herbs
Khung Siam
Prawn tails battered with wheat flour, shredded coconut and sesame seeds, accompanied by sweet and sour sauce
Poh Pia
Traditional Thaï spring rolls
Kanom Gib
Steamed pasties stuffed with chopped pork and beef
Crunchy dough Patty filled with yellow curry-seasoned vegetables and sirloin
Ensalada Vermicelli
Tasty and refreshing Thai angel hair, with chicken, lemon and celery
Massaman Thai
Beef in smooth and juicy red curry with potatoes and cashew nuts
Keeng Khioa Waan Khung
Creamy green curry prawns with al dente vegetables
Mu Phat Med Mamuang
Stir fried pork with vegetables, pineapple and cashew nut
Kai prio waan thai
Stir fried chicken sautéed with tamarind sour, basil and bunch of red pepper.
Khao Suai
Aromatic whit rice accompanies all dishes
Dessert Explosion
Delicatessen of sweets and tropical fruits